What does V6 HSPL do?

V6 HSPL is a dominating Consulting and Outsourcing firm in job market. With a large team of skilled HR professionals, we provide end to end solutions for job seekers as well as to employers. We have strong presence all across the country. Besides, our teams are planning to foray the international job market in near future.

For how long V6 HSPLis serving in job market?

We boast successful journey in the job market for almost a decade. Throughout the journey, we have successfully catered a large number of aspirants and employers to make a strong client base. Due to our commendable performance, we have earned tie-ups with leading companies and firms.

I am looking forward to work for V6 HSPL; what kind ofcareer options are available?

V6 HSPL offers a long range of career options. Some main points in our list are:

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • IT Consulting
  • Performance Management
  • Database Marketing Management
  • Project Management
  • Development Consulting
  • Corporate Finance & Strategy
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Mid-Market ERP – SAP
  • Human Capital Solutions
  • Learning Services

There are more categories available with us. Talk to our representatives once to know the details.

Does V6 HSPL guarantee for the job?

This is the most significant question. You essentially need to know we are a third-party service provider therefore does not guarantee anything. It entirely depends upon your competency and skills. However, we maintain good relation with the candidates as well as with the employers. But, we cannot be held guilty if you find anything unacceptable or problematic. Talk to your employer in the initial stage to fix all terms and conditions.

How many officesV6 HSPLowns?

Our head office is based in New Delhi – India. However, we are planning to open more offices at strategic locations of foreign lands.

Are International opportunities available with V6 HSPL?

V6 HSPL always craves to serve candidates in the best possible manner. As per their competency and skills, we always suggest best job opportunities as far as international job options are concerned.

How many professional consultants are working with V6 HSPL?

V6 HSPL is the dedicated group of trained and experienced professionals who always work to serve you with top business standards. Apparently, you will not remain option less with us. Our range of services is large enough to serve all with multiple fields.

Who are the major clients of V6 HSPL?

V6 HSPLso far has served a large group of esteemed government departments and local public sector. As a matter of fact, our service domain includes nearly every job sector like FMCG, IT, Sales & Marketing, BPO/KPO and many others. Speak to our executives to find the best answer for your queries.

How can I use the services of V6 HSPL as an Employer?

V6 HSPL is committed to serve all with the uniform standards therefore we allow everybody to register with us. We do not require any registration fee. Just visit our page and fill up Employer Registration Form. All you need doing to complete the process is to provide some basic details like Name of the company, Address with Pin Code, Type of Job, etc. We respect your privacy and secrets therefore do not leak or misuse your credentials, by any mean, at any cost.

Do I need to pay registration free?

Absolutely not, our services are entirely free for everybody. Besides, you can register at any point of time to keep time wastage or other kinds of hassles away.

Can I change my Email (Username) or Password after registration?

Yes, it is possible. In order to complete the exercise, you just need to follow some easy and quick steps. After following the steps, you can unhesitatingly change Email, Password, Username or anything else.

What is the use of details of my previous employments?

V6 HSPL always believes in serving job aspirants and companies in right kind of manner. In order to cut the processing time and avoid confusions, we highlight your previous achievements. Therefore, you are required to provide the right information about your previous details with certified documents.

Are membership options available with V6 HSPL?

We never compromise on any term when it comes to serve with top business standards. In pursuit of this goal, we provide several membership options with stipulated terms and conditions. Out of them, you can select any per your needs. Our nicely-configured membership options are available for:

  • Candidates only
  • Employers only
  • Both